We use our trend intelligence to help our clients make well informed decisions about their business, whilst effectively managing the risk that new concepts and products inevitably bring. We have over 22 years experience in the sector, and marry the science of trends with our extensive knowledge of manufacturing and process technologies to enable us to lead, advise and recommend to our clients the most effective solution for their brand.

We spend time understanding our client’s values and what they stand for physically and emotionally, we also monitor and more critically analyse information, this is then underpinned with social, cultural and economic influences, and presented in a useable easy to understand format. 

It is essential to have knowledge of consumer trends at a time when ‘global to local’ can enhance products and brands in the world market, enabling businesses to supply a simply managed range and for customers to define and display their own individuality.

Above all trends should be converted to create revenue and increase profitability. We have a proven track record for translating the trends ensuring commercial success throughout our client base.